miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010


Are we living with communication a transition as the one we lived with science?

Before, long time ago, the fight was fight or science. Now the fight it is traditional communication and digital communication.

After this fight our extreme positions will die with winners and a loosers
as happened with faith and science?

Couldn´t be possible the idea of having a stable peace where two opponents are complemented?
Our behavior, thougts and needs will paint our future.

What are yours?

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Food or access to network?

Many people say that a main objective is to stop hunger.
However, I dont really agree with this topic. Really the solution is found giving food to hungry countries? Wouldnt be more productive giving the necessary tools and knowledge to this poor people?
That people would have more real possibilities having access to Internet and the neccesary knowledge to use it.
Food of course is good and better than anything but if you think in a long invest to the future opening schools, hiring teachers, and having rooms with computers and Internet is much more successful in a long-run view. Of course it is much more expensive than taking food, but what do we really want to do? We want to create a competitive and not hunger country or to alleviate the damage in a temporal and short time?
Food is a moment of welfare, but Internet and knowledge are the future welfare.
It is true that Internet improves the autonomy of individuals.
But what happen with that part of the world that are not part of this privileged Internet users?
While one billion of people enjoy of the necessary tools (Internet) to be someone in the actual world, others just can do anything even if they want because they have to feel the impotence of not having access to the network or to the necessary knowledge to use Internet.
Some people say that undeveloped countris are not good enough to find new possibilities and ways, however, how can they do it if Internet is just a strange tool for them?
Internet could be a fantastic tool if it woul be enjoyed by everyone, but unfortunetely it isnt now a real possibility.
Now this ´´ democratic tool`` is creatin a big digital divide where inequalities increase if no one work actively to change it.
If we want to change it, it is neccesay more than efford from the developing countries

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

I am always hearing that communication is changing, that now everybody can be a journalist, that my neighbor and a recent graduate are equal valid.
There where people who told me to study something more productive, more accurate, people who told me the importance of riding in a train with the security of knowin where the train stops.
Finally not taking care to the advices I took a train not knowing exactly where it leads.
Now communication is growing and expanding, but despite this we dont know so much about: Will traditional media be part of our communication society? Will be journalist replaced by normal citiziens? Is Internet a democratizing tool in the society we live? Despite the different responses given by communication experts, the answer for this questions are something vague, abstract, we dont know the exactly route, the train has just left. We can approximate our answers, saying that the train seems to head east or west, but certainty dont exist now