domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Food or access to network?

Many people say that a main objective is to stop hunger.
However, I dont really agree with this topic. Really the solution is found giving food to hungry countries? Wouldnt be more productive giving the necessary tools and knowledge to this poor people?
That people would have more real possibilities having access to Internet and the neccesary knowledge to use it.
Food of course is good and better than anything but if you think in a long invest to the future opening schools, hiring teachers, and having rooms with computers and Internet is much more successful in a long-run view. Of course it is much more expensive than taking food, but what do we really want to do? We want to create a competitive and not hunger country or to alleviate the damage in a temporal and short time?
Food is a moment of welfare, but Internet and knowledge are the future welfare.

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