domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

It is true that Internet improves the autonomy of individuals.
But what happen with that part of the world that are not part of this privileged Internet users?
While one billion of people enjoy of the necessary tools (Internet) to be someone in the actual world, others just can do anything even if they want because they have to feel the impotence of not having access to the network or to the necessary knowledge to use Internet.
Some people say that undeveloped countris are not good enough to find new possibilities and ways, however, how can they do it if Internet is just a strange tool for them?
Internet could be a fantastic tool if it woul be enjoyed by everyone, but unfortunetely it isnt now a real possibility.
Now this ´´ democratic tool`` is creatin a big digital divide where inequalities increase if no one work actively to change it.
If we want to change it, it is neccesay more than efford from the developing countries

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El blog de Tetuán por BeaBurgos dijo...

In fact, is it democratic or not, when the Digital Divide exists... good point there!

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