sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

I am always hearing that communication is changing, that now everybody can be a journalist, that my neighbor and a recent graduate are equal valid.
There where people who told me to study something more productive, more accurate, people who told me the importance of riding in a train with the security of knowin where the train stops.
Finally not taking care to the advices I took a train not knowing exactly where it leads.
Now communication is growing and expanding, but despite this we dont know so much about: Will traditional media be part of our communication society? Will be journalist replaced by normal citiziens? Is Internet a democratizing tool in the society we live? Despite the different responses given by communication experts, the answer for this questions are something vague, abstract, we dont know the exactly route, the train has just left. We can approximate our answers, saying that the train seems to head east or west, but certainty dont exist now

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martus dijo...

Hi Marta!
I found an interesting survey talking about the impacto of the Internet on traditional media. According to its results, the more we use the Internet, the less we use traditional media. This is the link, in case you wanna take a look:
(I don't know how reaally reliable it is..)

But in my opinion the Internet and all this huge digital world that is emerging will not bring traditional media to their death.. They shouls actually complemet each other. Hope they will find their way to do so...

El blog de Tetuán por BeaBurgos dijo...

I loved your metaphor about the train and what you study... and I want to add that you did what you had to do: follow your instinct and you will drive the train to where you want to go...

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